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  • Lalux Staff - Protect

    Retain and motivate your staff members

    Are you looking for a high-performance supplementary pension scheme (SPS) for your employees?


    lalux-Staff Protect is the ideal professional pension plan option Our “SPS Insurance” experts will guide you and offer solutions that are specially adapted to your business.



  • Benefits for the employee

    • Additional protection in the event of death or disability
    • A significant retirement supplement
    • Attractive alternative to a salary increase
    • No social security contributions on premiums
    • Attractive tax environment
    • Possibility of tax-deductible personal contributions


    Advantages for the company

    • Safeguarding staff
    • Additional remuneration management
    • Retention and motivation tool
    • Attractive tax regime
    • Attractive benefits to new recruits
    • No social security contributions on premiums
    • Tax-deductible